Education Temporary Mail Service Updated

There are many reasons for people to choose ninja temp mail when it comes to obtaining temporary e-mail addresses. One of them is the 'edu' domain name and the e-mail addresses used on the training.

These addresses are among the e-mail addresses created by universities for students.

By using the addresses in question, students can benefit from many internet platforms at a discount or even free of charge. In this sense, there are even web pages that only serve university students.

Here, too, the use of the education ninja temp e-mail address comes to the fore. These addresses are used with the 'edu' domain name. Thus, if you are a student and there is no e-mail address given to you from your school, you can get help from these temporary e-mail addresses if you have a school e-mail address but do not want to store out-of-school notifications here.

How to Use Education Temporary Mail Service?

It is quite simple to create an e-mail address from this method, which is frequently preferred by university students. In this sense, people can use the eTempMail site to create temporary e-mails with the extension 'edu', just like the processes done when creating temp mail Ninja. For this, it will be enough to proceed step by step as follows;

  • First of all, login to
  • Then, click on the 'Change Domain' button under your temporary e-mail address defined for you, from the 'Select' section that will open in front of you extension.
  • You can use your e-mail address with the extension 'edu' for twenty minutes and follow the 'Inbox' section on the main page to create a membership.
  • If the time is not enough for you, you have the chance to extend your time by twenty minutes by clicking the button below. During this process, you can complete the subscriptions you want.

In this way, you can solve your e-mail problem that you cannot obtain from the university or that you do not want to use, via temp mail plus by creating a temporary e-mail address, and you can enjoy free or discounted applications while getting rid of unnecessary spam.

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