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Temp Mail is used to close security vulnerabilities due to events in today’s era, to put us in a safer environment. We can register via Temp Mail to sites where we do not want to share our personal data.

In addition, thanks to EDU Temp Mail services, we can benefit from the privileges offered by the platforms to students at the university level.

What are the Temp Mail Types?

Temp Mail services are divided into two. These are EDU Temp Mail and regular Temp Mail services. EDU Temporary Mail services allow registration with an Education mail address to platforms that offer opportunities and discounts to support students studying at the university level, so we can benefit from these benefits.

However, Temporary Mail services are also divided according to their duration. For example, 10 minute mail is the most common of these. After that, different types of e-mails come in 20 and 30 minute periods.

Is Temp Mail Reliable For Daily Use?

Temp Mail services are used to prevent your personal e-mail address and information from being captured by other people. The speed and reliability of the service you will use is very important in this regard.

Most Temp Mail sites and platforms are trustworthy, but we do not recommend using your private information on these sites.

How Do I Use Temp Mail?

To use the temp mail service, you can change the domain name of your e-mail address from the above field on the home page after you enter our website. After deciding on the domain name, it is sufficient to copy the e-mail address and this e-mail address is automatically opened as soon as you enter the site.

If you think you may need the same e-mail address again after you start using your e-mail address, you can save the recovery key aside. Then you can use the same mail again with this key.

Is Temp Mails Reusable?

Temp Mail addresses can be used for a period of 10 min emails or longer. Apart from that, you can extend the duration of the mail you use via the panel.

To reuse an e-mail address you used before, you need to save the recovery key of that e-mail. You can then use the same email again from the Recover Email Address tab. You cannot access old mails during this process.

Can You Send Temp Mail?

Unfortunately, disposable mail services do not have an option to send mail. You can receive e-mails with these e-mail addresses that you can only use temporarily, but you cannot send any e-mail to anyone else.

Is Temp Mail Use Forbidden?

The use of Temp Mail is not prohibited in any way and there is no illegal element unless abused by the user. In this regard, the activities of the user on our site are entirely his own responsibility.